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“Vast Survival” Android Game Review

Vast Survival:

Some of you have probably heard of a game called ‘Vast Survival (Multiplayer)’, which is the game we’ll talk about here. This is an open world game in which you have only one goal, to survive. In order to survive in this game, you’ll need to hunt, craft various gadgets, build stuff, etc. Now, what’s really interesting here, is that this game is being developed by only two people, which is quite interesting considering this is a rather complex 3D title we’re talking about here, not your regular 2D platformer. One more thing to keep in mind is that this is not a stable version of the game, so keep that in mind as you play through it. This game actually allows you to play with up to 25 other players at the same time, and it offers really nice looking 3D graphics. The game also supports voice chat, so you can talk to people you’re playing with / against. The developers say that the game offers 100 kilometers (62 miles) of open world for you to enjoy, and there are various weapons included in the game.

It’s about the last man standing kind of survival. Open world game in the alpha phase of development, with developers constantly bringing new updates to remove glitches and introduce features.

You are pitted against upto 26 players in an open world with ma ap based on serene and beautiful places around the world. The mountains and attention to vegetation movement is highly emphasized as I observed playing it for the first time.When you launch the game, a menu with an option to set nick name appears. Then you get a list of servers with vacant slots to join.
You jump into the server and loot from already dead player’s body, which is NSFW for many, which is why I think its rated PG 16.

What I like:-

  • Crossplatform
  • 100 KM open world
  • Next gen AAA graphics

What I don’t Like:-

  • Heavy on the Processor and battery if your phone is low end.

The developers are promising frequent updates, on a weekly basis, so you can expect new features to keep popping up here. Once again, do keep in mind this game is currently in testing and is still not even in beta, so if you’re not ready to encounter some bugs and performance issues, we recommend you to skip installing this game. If you are, however, ready for the game to be rough around the edges, well, feel free to try it out, it’s free.

Rating by WorldTechnique:- 4.2 out of 5 Star

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