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“Rules Of Survivals” Mobile Games Review

World Technique 16 Oct, 2018 Apps No Comments

In this articles we are reviewing a mobile game which is similar to PubG

Rules of Survival is a great game on all it’s platforms: PC, IOS and Android. It is PUBG! Maybe not as graphically advanced but mobile devices shouldn’t need 1080s to play fun games. On PC it blew me away, the game looks incredible and uses less than a 1/3 of my intel intergrated graphics card. I get a constant rate of 70+ FPS and the gameplay is amazing a wide variety of weapons a massive 8X8 km map with it’s new update and player and gun skins allow you to customise your character to your liking. There are co-ordinates to allow other members of your team to know where exactly an enemy is and there are visible audio ques that can let you know if a person is around. Overall it’s a great game and its free. The graphics, the gameplay, the versatility of the customisation! You can be a Reindeer!!!!

The game may seem like PUBG but it is fairly good on many fronts. You can customize your character according to your liking before gearing up for the game.I wouldn’t advise doing that because it is fairly intuitive and fun to learn, given the endless possibilities that you will face while playing this game on a large terrain map.Before you battle against on a terrain map with a maximum of 120 players. you get a quick tutorial which trains you the intricacies of the game. The tutorial can take as long as 10minutes, which is, of course, skippable at any point in time.

Among the prominent leaders in this segment are the Rules of Survival. The PC version of this game is fairly popular as well among the old machine users. Among the list of games like PUBG Mobile, this is the closest I could find.

You can play solo, Duo or Squad. The servers are located in Asia, Europe, America and Europe so Internet lag shouldn’t be much of an issue. I got a South East Asian server with a ping of 150 MS which was playable without any hiccup.Terrain map is humongous in size. You might need vehicles to reach different parts of the map. Talking about vehicles, you have moto boats for water, motorcycles and trucks, cars for onshore logistics.

One of the first examples of the obvious Battle Royale invasion on mobile platform, Rules of Survival is a game still acerbo, with very rough edges that need to be polished to make this a really enjoyable game. It has charm, but needs a lot of work for the next months.

What I like:-

  • Easier weapons loot with the presence of MIRACLE boxes that glow like Infinity stones all around the map. You can equip yourself with enough weapons to defend before engaging with enemies in a fire-power battle.
  • 8×8 KM map with the presence of vehicles for transportation

What I don’t like:-

  • Inability to choose a region of server or map.

Rating By WorldTechnique.in: 3 star out of 5 star

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