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“Black Survival” Android Games Review

World Technique 17 Oct, 2018 Apps 1 Comment

Black Survival:

An extremely light game with the size of mere 53 MB (and 120 MB in-game update). The game is not an open world, however, it has a real-time strategic role play game with a map to reach different parts of the place.Released on mobiles globally last year and on Steam in late December, Black Survival hooks into the Battlegrounds hype by going back to its roots.Rather than filling out a server with a hundred players at once and a massive field to play in, Black Survival pits just ten players against each other on a hostile island.

Each character has a range of stats, abilities and masteries, the latter of which determines what weapons you’ll want to focus on throughout the course of the game. The higher your mastery, the more damage you’ll do with that weapon.And that’s a good portion of the Black Survival experience: moving from location to location, looking for the one or two items you need to craft the weapon best suited to your character.Armour and accessories are something that any character can benefit from, although from time to time you’ll go hunting only to run into an enemy player or hostile wildlife, and you’ll have to decide on the fly whether the location is worth fighting over.

As you’d expect with any Battle Royale game, the available locations will start to dwindle over time. Each round lasts for three minutes, with a certain number of zones marked as restricted. Find yourself in that restricted zone when the timer runs out, and you’re immediately dead. The whole match can take anywhere between 20 and 25 minutes, if you make the final three.

The game has Single tap fight option. You equip yourself with different weapons and accessories to increase the chances of winning the duel against an opponent. There are over 600 weapons to chose from.There is no Medkit like a classic battle royale game. You rely on your cooking skills in the game to heal yourself. Occasional discovery of Ocean Potion can do the trick as well.This game has grown into a cult fan following among the  good old fashioned interactive fiction gaming aficionados  where a gamer had to type their decisions and proceed forward.

What I like:-

  • Easy weapon drops. Weapons are easy to find on the map, unlike other games.
  • Presence of vehicles for easy movement across the map

What I don’t Like:-

  • Shooting crosshair movement. The game is in development so we should give them leeway.

Black Survival has been out for a while on mobiles, of course, although it only launched on Steam last month. You can share your account across platforms; there’s an automated code generator in the options which lets you transfer your account to your phone, and vice versa.Having shortcuts means you’ll probably be a little faster on PC, although the experience isn’t compromised on the phone at all. It’s certainly easier to hit an attack button and let the game do the math, rather than trying to aim a 8x scope with your thumbs.Some characters are specifically built for this though. The game offers a quick tutorial on what phases of the game each character is better suited towards, and even has a short recommendation of what starting items to target (and what areas you can find them). Every player can also access a quick menu with a list of every item in the game, which brings up a handy guide of what crafting items you need, where they are, and whether those areas are still accessible or not.

Rating By WorldTechnique:- 4.5 out of 5 star


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