PUBG MOBILE Symbols For User Name and Clan Title, Add symbols in PubG Mobile Game

For PubG Mobile, Users name are become more attractive by using these symbols which is given in this post. This symbols are use when you have a clan and you need to show your name with clan title by insert in mid. It is not necessary that you have a clan you can also use it for makes your user name more attractive.Basically we have a lot of symbols but I provide that symbols which are working properly in PubG Mobile.

Here we are provide that symbols which is working in PubG Mobile.You can simply copy these symbols and paste it in your user name,crew name,Clan title E.t.c. But I recommend to all of you to use Notepad, Memo e.t.c for making whole name like Clan name+symbol+username of your choice. When it is done then copy all and paste it into PubG Mobile.

么     ツ    〆   ッ    彡

々    乄    乛    īlī    ム

 ×    ॐ    Ł     ٭     私

乡   私    の    王     女

丶   ズ    刁     Ø     ジ

 ɧ    く    乇    ゞ   『』

・ 「」  卍    文   《  》

爪    ʚ    乇     ๛      气

Р  个     연     シ     乙

๖    ム      ūōōōō    乇

Here a list of Famous Gamer’s Symbols.

Mortal :- 々

Kronton Gaming:- 乄

How to Get free Rename ID Card:-

Method 1:-

For Free Rename ID card you need to reach at level 10 in Progress Mission and you got a free rename ID card you can see in screenshot.Make sure you have completed level 1-9 all missions.

Lobby >> Achievement >> Progress Missions >> Lv. 10

Method 2:-

You can also get rename card by participating in Crew Challenge and collect crew points. Crew points is used in crew shop for purchasing a lot of items like rename card, guns skins e.t.c. For Rename card, You need 200 crew points.

Lobby >> Crew >> Shop >> Rename Card (Cost 200 Crew Points)

For Buy PubG Rename ID Card:-

Lobby >> Shop >> Treasures (Available in 180 UC)

How to use Rename ID Card In PubG Mobile For Change Username:-

  • First You have a Rename ID card which is available in your inventory.
  • Then tap on Rename User ID card and you get a “Use” Button tap on it.
  • After that Fill your user name with symbol by copy paste.
  • Then click on “OK”
  • That’s It

I’ll keep adding new symbols in future when we got new symbols which is supported by PubG Mobile.



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