“Black Survival” Android Games Review

World Technique 17 Oct, 2018 Apps 1 Comment

Black Survival: An extremely light game with the size of mere 53 MB (and 120 MB in-game update). The game is not an open world, however, it has a real-time strategic role play game with a map to reach different parts of the place.Released on…Read more

“Rules Of Survivals” Mobile Games Review

World Technique 16 Oct, 2018 Apps No Comments

In this articles we are reviewing a mobile game which is similar to PubG Rules of Survival is a great game on all it’s platforms: PC, IOS and Android. It is PUBG! Maybe not as graphically advanced but mobile devices shouldn’t need 1080s to play…Read more

PUBG Mobile Review-Battle Royale Lands on Mobile (Real experience 1.6 GB)

World Technique 15 Oct, 2018 Apps No Comments

PUBG GAME REVIEW(4.9 OUT OF 5) This game is very popular day by day for mobile,tablet,pc. “Overall, everything is in its place. It’s quite a feat, considering how small the real-estate is on an iPhone and leaps and bounds better than the bizarre acommodations needed…Read more

“Free Fire” Android Games Review

World Technique 14 Oct, 2018 Apps 2 Comments

FREE FIRE: The first aspect that we want to highlight is definitely the gameplay. Just like other battle royale games, you will be thrown from an airplane to land in an island filled with other people. You will then have to find ammunition, weapons, and…Read more

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