CSS:Classes,Style Properties for the Anchor Tag

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Classes Up to now we have used a single style associated with a single HTML tag but very often in Web page design the same tag needs different styles associated with it depending upon how its being used. Most notably here is the paragraph marker…Keep Reading

CSS: Style Properties for Text,Examples of Style Properties for Text,Contextual Selectors,

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STYLE PROPERTIES FOR TEXT The most common selectors apply to text and the most useful properties are included in the table below: Property Description background sets the background colour for the text color sets the colour for the text font-family sets the font type for…Keep Reading

CSS: Defining an embedded style sheet

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ENBEDDED STYLE SHEET A linked Style Sheet is a text file with the extension .css, for example the Style Sheet for this course is called tutorial.css, and is “linked” to from all the course’s various Web pages. Linked Style Sheets are more flexible than embedded…Keep Reading

CSS:Introduction,What is style sheets

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CASCADING STYLE SHEETS HTML was designed to describe the structure and function of elements on a Web page (paragraphs, headings, tables etc.); it wasn’t designed to control the appearance of the Web page – although it does have some basic formatting attributes (background colour, font…Keep Reading

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