HTML:Relative vs Absolute Pathnames

World Technique 21 Oct, 2018 HTML No Comments

RELATIVE VS ABSOLUTE PATHNAMES Files are stored on a filing system which presumably has a directory structure into which files are stored. When a master document is loaded into a browser it has to be referenced so that the browser can load the required file….Keep Reading

HTML: Hypertext links to other Documents

World Technique 20 Oct, 2018 HTML No Comments

HYPERTEXT LINKS TO OTHER DOCUMENT A book is a large document and, as such, is difficult to manage in a single HTML document. Such a document should be thought of not as a single document but the sum of component parts. Think of a book’s…Keep Reading

HTML: Hypertext links within the same document

World Technique 20 Oct, 2018 HTML No Comments

HYPERTEXT LINKS WITHIN THE SAME DOCUMENT: Imagine a book. You turn to the contents page and what to go to “Chapter 7”. Having found the starting page of the required chapter you then can turn to that page. The contents page contains the link information…Keep Reading

HTML: A Bit more on XHTML,Updating Existing HTML Documents to XHTML

World Technique 19 Oct, 2018 HTML No Comments

A BIT MORE ON XHTML: Strictly Conforming XHTML All HTML documents produced as part of this course conform to the basic rules of XML and are said to be well-formed. A strictly conforming document is well-formed but should also reference the official XHTML DTD and…Keep Reading

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