worldtechnique.in site is here to help users know the best product available in the market at the right price. Since there is too much competition, users are advised to cross check the price and specifications that may fluctuate.the accuracy of any information on the site and it is for the users to cross check before they make any decision. The offers or schemes listed on the site may be applicable only in specific states in India. Users are requested to check with their local dealers if they can avail the same in their state.worldtechnique.in will not accept any responsibility for any financial consequences that may arise from the information provided herein.

worldtechnique.in provides reviews of the product and is not endorsing it. We will never do any paid reviews. In most cases the Manufacturers send us the review unit and in some cases we buy the handset from the market or we borrow it from our friends. At times we do use affiliate links that will take the users directly to the shopping page, we do get commission if any purchases are made (with no extra cost to the user). The users are advised to check the company background, services etc before ordering such handsets. Worldtechnique.in at the most can guide you with reference to the handsets, if it is good buy or not. There are new companies coming up in India and it would be wise to look into everything or book / order the phone at your own risk. We are here to do reviews of the product not check the company background. We are here to help the customers have a closer look at the product and give unbiased reviews and not here to judge the phone manufacturers.

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worldtechnique.in is not provides email subscription. Further worldtechnique.in does not send any spam emails.

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